What is the Dutch Club? It is not a club house or a building; it is an association of people from Dutch origin or decent and their families, whether they were born in Holland or Australia.

For many Dutch immigrants, being so far away from their families in Holland and learning to adapt to their new lives in Australia was not without its trials and tribulations, it is from that perspective that the club has been there to support its members and guests by bringing people together and extending a welcoming hand.

It was in 1952, that a group of Dutch people who lived in the Brisbane area, held a meeting at St Francis Hall, Brisbane and as a result of that meeting the Dutch Club was founded.

From its very humble beginnings the club has proudly promoted the Dutch Culture and Traditions welcoming families, friends and guests to the club. Giving new meaning to the word ‘Gezellig’!

Since those early days, Australia has become a multicultural society that has evolved from many immigrants who came to this country leaving everything they knew, from culture, traditions and foods and assimilated into the Australian way of life. Australia has benefited from the European influence and the immigrants that came and helped to shape and build this great nation to make it into one of the most sought after countries in the world to live; Multicultural Australia!

The Club continues to incorporate the Dutch traditions and customs while respecting our Australian ways.

From the decision which founded the Association, to present day the club has occupied a number of locations, such as in Mary Street, Brisbane, Milton and Sherwood.

Since December, 1984 with the enthusiastic support of its Committee and members The Club has been situated at Pine Road, Richlands where a large and well equipped venue has been established.

The Club operates with a Committee made up of members who tirelessly volunteer their talents and services to the continuation of the membership. The Committee’s goal is on expansion with the aim of attracting a new generation of members to take the club to new heights.

It is the goal of the Committee to provide a venue for all those of Dutch descent and those interested in Dutch culture to have a place to come and enjoy Dutch food and Dutch traditions.

The Club also has very well stocked shop for members and guests to purchase authentic and traditional Dutch foods and of course we can’t forget the very popular Dutch Liquorice at very reasonable prices .